Lone Wolves and Hidden Dragons is a collaboration between Shaun Anderson and Brian Bankston, the authors of The Celluloid Highway and Cool Ass Cinema. Both writers have long held a fascination with the weird and wonderful cinema of the Far East and this site seeks to document the breadth and diversity of East Asian film. Although both authors approach cinema with a love of genre and cult films, Lone Wolves is far more expansive in its remit. The ultimate intention is to create a comprehensive resource which treats all genres and styles with the respect they merit. From the hyper-stylised ultraviolence of Takashi Miike to the muted melodrama of Yasujiro Ozu via the apocalyptic tendencies of radioactive monsters and the regimented codes and ethics of the Samurai...there should be something of interest for those with an enhthusiasm for the exotic, inscrutable, and at times downright peculiar cinema produced by our eastern brethren.


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